Write a diary entry describing what happened in school/class on the previous.

10th June 2019
9 PM

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I had an unpleasant experience in school.

I had gone to the canteen to buy cookies during recess. Just as I was handing over the money to the cashier, a senior snatched the fifty rupee note from my hand. He glared at me, laughed menacingly and proceeded to order a burger for himself. He paid for the food with the fifty rupee note! I was too scared to open my mouth and protest as the mean boy had a reputation of being a bully who beat younger kids. I did not realise that a teacher had been witnessing the incident. He admonished the bully, made him return the burger, told him to return my fifty rupee note. He gave a week's detention to the bully and warned him of dire consequences if he misbehaved with younger students again.

The teacher then explained that bullies thrive on other people's fear. He told me to always stand up against such bullies and not give in easily. I learnt an important lesson yesterday!

Goodnight diary!

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17 June 2019
Dear diary,
Today was the first day of the week. So, naturally, it was a school day for me. Being in class 10, I'm trying to relive all the memories I had with my friends. Today was no different. I spent most of the time with my friends reminiscing about old memories.
[Add some school memories here in one paragraph...]
So, that's how I spent the class. About the teachers, they don't pay much attention to us, noisy chatterboxes. Because they know we're leaving school very soon

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