write a brief summary of the chapter the black aeroplane.

The black aeroplane,written by federick forsyth is a mystery story.The story revovles around the mystery who the another pilot was.The narrator was on his way to england hoping to have a good english breakfast with his family.But he saw great storm clouds ahead of him.There were huge,mountain shiped clouds.The narrator risked to enter in the clouds.No sooner he entered in the clouds did everything went black.He saw anther aeroplane without lights on its wings.The pilot waved his hand to the narrator and asked him to follow him.The narattor followed the pilot of another aeroplane as his compass,radio went dead.Even there was not enough fuel in his tank.With the help of the another pilot,he landed safley and when he went to receptionist to thank the pilot he was informed by the lady that there was not any other plane flying in the sky that night.

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Fredriek Forsyth presents us a glimpse of supernatural world through his short story, The Black Aeroplane.As pilot of Old Dakota, The narrator of the story was on the way to England from France.He was happy to fly Dakota in clear sky of fair weather looking forward to having meals with his family.But man purposes, God disposes, Soon weather went wrong.He was stuck into storm.He risked his life in flying into darkness. All the instruments became dead. There was not enough fuel to fly long.But dark cloud has silver lining, He saw another plane without light. He followed his signal like obedient child and landed safely. Hewanted to thank the pilot of the black aerkplane but how? Hewas told that his was the only plane flying in the sky.The black aerplane was beyond range of radar of this earth.Such mystery are common in India.By Rakesh kaushik Lecturer in English, GHS Kagdana sirsa Haryana
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the story actually deals with poets fiction with real life experience, it still remains as a mystery which flight helped him to save his life and the old Dakota aeroplane, the pilot was astonished to hear from from the receptionist that there was no other aeroplane which was flying above in except yours in the sky that night  according to  the  radar detected.
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The story “Black Aeroplane” is about a pilot who feels happy and contended to fly over a city that is sleeping (at the night time). He is flying from Paris to London. While taking his flight, he dreams about a long holiday with his family. He also fantasizes about the scrumptious breakfast he would have upon landing. As soon as he crosses Paris, he gets a look of the dark clouds that were a sign of the upcoming storm. The right decision would have been to turn back to Paris for the sake of safety. But he is overshadowed by his dreams and not wanting to delay them, risks the life of his passengers and heads straight into the storm. Everything gets dark, he is unable to see, all his direction instruments stopped functioning and he lost control of the plane. When all hope was lost, he saw another plane whose pilot was more than willing to rescue them. The author was panicking as there was very less amount of fuel left. The anonymous pilot guided them out of the storm and disappeared as soon as they saw light.  Upon landing, when he asks the lady in the control room about the other pilot, he is left in shock when she says that he was the only plane in the sky.


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The Pilot was flying to England from France from his old Dakota. He was eagerly waiting to meet his family. He was cheerful to reach his place. He did not had enough fuel. Stormy clouds were compared to black huge mountains. The Desire that made him continue his journey was his family. So he took a rest because of a strong desire. The situation seems to be a bleak. He saw another aeroplane. He followed that strange aeroplane. He was brave and talented. He believed in himself that he would manage to come out of the difficult situation. Maybe it was the aeroplane sent by god. God does exist. He went to the control Tower to thank the pilot. But the Receptionist told him that there was no other plane flying at that moment. God helps those those who help themselves
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