Sir/mam and my dear friends as I have posted this question before also, and asked the changes due to the help of my sweet friends and respected experts now I am able to understand this and I have made the necessary changes.
And I am thinking now that it is perfect for my examination point, and I will be gaining the full marks in this .
Once I need yours help in this, will u tell me the following errors.
  1. Grammatical mistakes.
  2. Tense mistakes.
  3. And any other mistake regarding the format of this.
  4. Please tell
  5. Thank for your king help.

Dear student,

Kindly edit your writing accordingly and you can visit our website to know the appropriate format for your piece. I hope the explanation is of some help to you.
  • They act (tense- since the entire text is in past tense, it should have been applied here as well) as a tourist guides (a and guides cannot come together according to the rule of singular and plural) ; The correct sentence should be : They acted as tourist guides (no comma should be put) and .....
  • ...etc necessary things (other necessary things).
  • ...complain(complained- past tense).
  • ...hard and tough(both the words here deliver the same meaning hence, you could use just one out of the two).
  • ...destitute life due to the fact that the war had engulfed their home and family, the boys...(war conditions isn't appropriate here).
  • Thus, this shows they were extremely patient and tolerant.(appropriate way of conveying your thoughts).
  • The love, faith, trust, enthusiasm, devoted personality and sacrificing attitude that the boys possessed is really...(omit held with them).
  • Thus (used twice in the same paragraph, Use: Therefore, it can be said that or Hence, it is appropriate to say that their sense of sacrifice...).
  • all nobility and we can still look forward to the presence or existence of magnanimity and generosity.(add 'we' between and / can ; instead of 'revival of' use the word existence/presence because revival means renewal of something whereas existence means that the values are already present and their presence can be felt around you in this age).

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