"Political parties are a necessary condition for a democracy". Analyse the statement with examples.

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Political parties are necessary for democracy due to the following reasons.

1. They provide voters with alternative ways of governance and economic management on which the voters can exercise choice.

2. They provide candidates in elections who, if victorious, go to the legislature to make laws.

3. They provide the leaders who form the government to run the administration.

4. They also form the opposition in the legislature to act as a check on the government.

5. They provide a means for the general people to make their voices heard in the legislature and government. They represent the people in the legislature and ensure that laws are passed to reflect the will of the people.   

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Political parties provide the connection between politics and society. In this sense they fulfil four crucial functions.

First, political parties develop policies and programmes. This is the content side of their responsibility. It ensures that there are different choices in the political marketplace – not only in terms of candidates but also in terms of ideas. Once in government, a party can start implementing these ideas.

Second, parties pick up demands from society and bundle them into packages. Demands are numerous and sometimes conflicting. Parties are able to discuss and evaluate these issues and shape human needs into policy alternatives. In so doing they are an important part of the political process.

Third, parties are the main vehicles for recruiting and selecting people for government and legislative office. Although they are often criticized for filling posts with their own people, this is what they are supposed to do: high level public positions, that is, those considered political rather then technical, need to be filled somehow and parties provide a responsible vehicle for that.

Fourth, parties either oversee or control government depending on whether they are in government or opposition.

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