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Favourite place in grandparent's house:
- I love to visit my grandparents who have a huge house in a village in Uttar Pradesh.
- The house is big enough for me to frolic about and enjoy myself.
- But, my favourite place in the house is the backyard full of fruit trees.
- As I visit their house in summers, the mango trees are laden with fruit.
- Plucking luscious mangoes from trees and eating the sweet flesh is such a treat!
- Their cool shade makes the backyard an ideal place for me to play games with my friends.
- There is a deep well in the backyard and my grandmother allows me to help her pull out clean water from the well.

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all the question ?
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it is from your text book u have to answer
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i did not have your text book 
the question are from your textbook
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s boy
is this your homework???
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