justify the title of the story 'his first flight' plz answer.......!

This story shows the power of aspirations of family of a young seagull. He feels fear for flying and swimming into the sea. It's family had convinced him for flight. They did every possible thing to make his first flight. His mother finally had a idea for that. She took a piece of fish in her mouth and came close to him but not very close. The young seagull was very hungry and so he jumped to caught the food. But his mother flew away and he fell into the space. He tried to fly and expanded his wings and flew in the air. In this way he made his first flight so the title of this story is very appropriate.
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In this story the seagull is afraid to open his wings and fly .Even when his syblings insulted him his fear of death made him not to fly.To end this his mother hits upon plan.She tempted him with fish in her beak.in order to eat the fish ,the hungry seagull comes to the edge of the rock and falls from it.At the  first he was terrified but then he opens his wings and start flying and made his first flight .This clearly depicts that the title is absolutely approiate for the story.
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