I want to change chapters in english.The topic of my english book is ''THE LAND OF THUS AND SO''it includes literature ,activity book,maincourse book.I request you to change textbook.It will be helpful to me to understand my topic related questions.please do the needful.

Dear Student

The book you are talking about is by a private publisher and we do not provide material for it. We offer the product English Grammar, which covers all the grammatical concepts and fundamentals of the language, and material for course books of NCERT and CBSE only.
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hi yash,

  when you login there is an option on the left hand side ,  there you can write and try if the book's name is installed . if you want it i will install  the same for you.  don't worry !!.............look i ain't sure if the option is there on the left hand side, cause i stay in california so i don't now abt india's software.

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