hi, can you describe or tell me how to write a letter to your friend describing a mangoose vs a snake. thank you

B-13, East of Kailash

New Delhi - 25

30 October 2015

Ashok Hall Boys'


Dear Amit,

Its been a long time that we have written to each other. Hope you are keeping hale and hearty. I witnessed a ferocious fight between a snake and a mongoose the other day and thought I would write to you about it. I know matters related to the animal kingdom interest you immensely.

It was a clear day in October, I was walking down the lane outside our house to go to the market when I heard a violent rustle of leaves a little way off the road. As I peered into the bushes I was met with an extraordinary sight of a mongoose fighting with a snake. The snake was as fast as lightning but the mongoose, lithe and little, was no less fearsome. I watched entranced as the battle ensued between the two and then finally it ended in a draw. They became tired and stopped.

Have you ever witnessed anything like this? Write to me.

Take Care,


Rudrajit Ghosh

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