give 10 lines or sentences on elf

Elf was a man of the tiniest size.

His face wrinkled like a dishcloth thrown in the hamper when Patrick asked him to do his homework.

He didn't always know what to do.

He always asked for help from Patrick.

He asked Patrick to get the books from the library.

He didn't understand the need of addition, subtraction, division and fractions.

He knew nothing of human history.

In short, he was a nag for Patrick.

He made Patrick do all his homework on his own.

Due to his company, Patrick managed to get A's in his subjects.

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elf was very tiny in size.

he was wearing old fashioned britches.

he was a nag for patrick.

Infact he did not do the homework.

he made patrick to do all his homework.

he told patrick to go to the library to refer books for the subject social science.

he told patrick to  spell the word out for him by sounding out by each letter.

he also told patrick to refer the words  from dictionary in the subject english.

he made patrick get his A's.

patrick was then cheerful never rude like he had developed a whole new attitude.

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