find the product of the following
i) 4xy2,-3x2y,6x2yz

ii) (x+y) and (x2-xy+y2)

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Please find below the solution to the asked query :

i.     4xy2 × -3x2y × 6x2yz=-72x5y4zii.     x+yx2-xy+y2=xx2-xy+y2 + yx2-xy+y2=x3-x2y+xy2+x2y-xy2+y3=x3+y3

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1) 4xy2 * 3x2y * 6x2yz
​=  (4*3*6)*(xy2*x2y*x2yz)
​=  (72)*(x5y4z)
=   72x​5y4z
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