a field is 150m long and 100m wide a plot outside the field is 50m long and 30m wide is dig to a depth of 8m and earth taken out from the plot is spread eventually in the field . how much is the field raised

Dear Student, 

The length , width and height of the plot are 50m , 30m and 8m respectively.

therefore the earth taken out= volume of cuboidal plot =lbh=  50*30*8= 12000

the length of the field = 150 m 

the width of the field = 100 m

therefore the area of the field = 150*100=15000 sq m.

let the raise in the level of the field be h m.
and volume of earth dug out =volume of  earth spread
12000 = 15000*h 
h =1215=45m= 0.8  m 


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