1. From the sum of 4b2 + 5bc, -2b2 – 2bc – 2z2 and 2bc + 4c2, subtract the sum of 5b2 – c2 and -3b2 + 2bc + c2.
​ 2. The sum of two expressions is 3x2 + 2xy – y2. If one of them is 2x2 + 3y2, find the other.
​ 3. Subtract 2a2b – 3b2 from 3a2 – 5ab2 + 2b2 and subtract your result from the sum of the two expressions 3ab2 + 5b2 – 2a2b and a2b + 5a2 – 3ab2.
4. In the year 1999, the average cost of a car could be modeled by the equation C = -8t2 + 9500 where t is the number of years since 1999. By the year 2008 the average cost had changed, so it could be modeled by the equation C = -15t2 + 10000.Find the difference in the average costs for a car between 2008 and 1999
5. If the length of a rectangle in terms of x is 7x2 + 5x – 6, and its width is 6x2 + 4x + 2, what is the perimeter of this rectangle?
6. How much should a + 2b – 3c be increased to get 3a? ​

Dear student,

2) Let the other expression be AAccording to question,A+2x2+3y2=3x2+2xy-y2A=3x2+2xy-y2-2x2+3y2A=3x2+2xy-y2-2x2-3y2A=x2-4y2+2xy6) Let a+2b-3c be increased to A to get 3aa+2b-3c+A=3aA=3a-a-2b+3cA=2a-2b+3c
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